March 21, 2017

Our work

Our employees have extensive consulting and project management experience. Example Rios Partners projects and employee experience can be found below:

HR Operating Model Redesign at the Department of Veterans Affairs
To improve VA employee experience, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer was exploring new HR operating models.  The objective was to improve organizational alignment, service quality, and efficiency. Rios Partners helped develop an HR operating model based on HR Business Partners, Centers of Excellence, and Shared Services centers that would increase operational effectiveness, enhance policy and process alignment, and capitalize on the VA scale to deliver higher quality customer service.

Shared Services Implementation at the Department of Veterans Affairs
The VA wanted to improve the cost and performance of transactional services occurring across the organization. Rios Partners helped implement a scalable Shared Services organization that consolidated various services into a central location. Consolidation led to both an increase in performance and a reduction in cost through standardization and increased insight into the activities that impact outcomes. Centralization has also increased flexibility, allowing the VA to continually deliver maximum value to veterans and taxpayers.

Performance Improvement Strategy Development at Federal Agency
The agency had multiple performance improvement (PI) groups throughout the organization providing differing services & confusing customers. They needed a comprehensive strategy to align Lean, Human Centered Design (HCD), and other capabilities to jointly achieve organizational goals and support front-line leaders. We supported the creation of a new governance body and service catalogue that enabled the agency to roll out a consistent and effective PI strategy across the organization.

Organizational Redesign at US Military Headquarters Agency
Sequestration cuts mandated a headcount reduction, but the agency needed a solution that maintained mission capability. We supported a top-to-bottom redesign of the organization targeting increased speed and fidelity of decisions, removed overlapping responsibilities, optimized manager utilization, and clarified position descriptions. Though 20% smaller, the newly optimized organizational structure was ultimately supported by the senior leaders who were able to continue to accomplish their mission.

Organizational redesign at a major domestic retail bank
After years of growth, the organizational structure of one of the nation’s largest retail banks had become disjointed and sub-optimal. We supported a complete redesign of the 10,000+ FTE organization to include optimizing manager utilization, eliminating duplication of effort, updating & clarifying position descriptions, and redesigning central functions. This redesign created a more efficient and agile organization, and was implemented in real time while the organization continued to function without any impact on the customer.

Operational efficiency improvement at a publicly traded utility company
Analysis indicated that costs were outpacing revenue growth, so the client chose to implement a top to bottom review of the operating budget. We supported an extensive study to quantify both the cost and value of each individual activity executed by the organization. This data driven analysis provided clear insight into where the firm should reduce budget for low value activities, increase investment in high value activities, and ultimately reduce operational expenses to the target level.

Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) optimization at a large specialty steel manufacturer
The S&OP process is critical to align a firm’s forecasted demand to the short and long term supply plan in order to maximize customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The client was seeking ways to improve the commercial, planning, and manufacturing teams’ monthly and weekly production planning process. We leveraged best practices to re-design the process and created new data visualization tools that created a common operating picture for all stakeholders.

Network integration at a national retail pharmacy
One of the largest US retail pharmacies had recently acquired a nationwide long-term care pharmacy and needed to integrate the two supply chain networks. We helped analyze the workflows, systems, processes, and physical assets that underpinned the operations of each of these networks, then redesigned them in order to balance loads across locations, shorten lead times, and create data transparency, enabling data based decision making. This integration increased efficiency and reduced the total cost per order.

Supply chain transformation at a large specialty steel manufacturer
A specialty steel manufacturer was looking for opportunities to reduce the variability in its supply chain which had become increasingly complex after years of product expansion, acquisitions, technological advancements, and a changing marketplace. We helped a planning team implement new processes to segment customers, reduce quality defects, optimize the flow of materials, synchronize data and systems, and optimize the inventory model.